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What is BACnet?

  • BACnet was developed in 1987 by a group of HVAC and Building Automation professionals as a standard, open protocol specifically for the building automation industry.
  • BACnet stands for Building Automation and Control network.
  • BACnet is a communications protocol that defines the services used to communicate between building automation end-devices and building control systems.
  • BACnet defines both how data is represented on the network and the services that are used to move data from one BACnet node to another.
  • BACnet can be used in all areas of building automation, including HVAC, Security, Access Control, Fire, Maintenence, Waste Management, Lighting, ect.
  • BACnet supports multiple types of LAN which lends to its interoperability.

Data Object Properties

  • All data in a BACnet system is represented in terms of “objects,” “properties,” and “services,” which gives BACnet the consistency to communicate with many different types of devices.
  • Data is represented as objects, which are described in terms of 123 properties, while actions are carried out through 32 standard services.